Parenting Tips

Full resumption of lessons. What should we do if children keep crying?

Parenting Tips Source: Registered Clinical Psychologist, Yiu Fong Lee Faced with the full resumption of classes, parents may face some very troubling issues. For example, children may cry during school and not want to be separated from their parents, or they may open their eyes the next morning and say, “Mum, I don’t want to go to school.” Some children may also have nightmares at night. What should we do when a child is afraid of going to school or does not want to be separated from his or her parents? If a child really does not want to go to school, parents can ask him, “What are your reasons for not wanting to go to school? Get to know him. The reason may be that

When there are differences in parenting, remember that “avoidance is not shameful and can be useful.”

Parenting Tips Source:  Family Dynamic Psychotherapist, Yuen Wai Man Parents’ upbringing backgrounds, education levels, or family of origin may differ in parent-child interaction, so it is quite normal for parents to have differing opinions on something. When there are indeed different opinions, parents should find a calm environment to discuss their own perspectives and views on the problem. In any situation, we don’t want parents to argue directly in front of their children. For example, Dad can explain to Mom, “When I’m unhappy or under work pressure, I use my phone to vent and reduce stress, so I don’t think it’s a problem for kids to play with phones.” And the wife can also express this to her husband: “Actually, I hope you can support me

How should parents deal with young children who are overly addicted to cell phone games?

Parenting Tips Source: Family Dynamic, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Hypnotherapist, Wong Shi Ming Phones emit light and sound, which always attracts children to play endlessly. Some children cannot let go of their phones no matter what they are doing, whether it is eating, riding in a car, or going to school. How can parents solve this problem? First of all, everyone should understand that the children’s reaction is inevitable. Phones can provide a lot of sensory stimulation, and there is no game over. It can be restarted, which gives a sense of accomplishment and can also distance children from the pressure and frustration of parents and school, making them feel invincible. Physiologically speaking, playing electronic games will release a large amount of dopamine in the

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