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Exercise to strengthen the brain function. Three moves to make children love sports

Parenting Tips Written by: Play Therapist, Mr. Wong Tsz Hei I participated in a professional development exchange program for teachers in Taiwan earlier, and I was inspired by the emphasis on sports in Taiwan education, which I would like to share with parents. One of the schools on the exchange was the “Tiger Forest Elementary School”, a version of the Sports Institute Elementary School. As soon as we entered the school, the students welcomed us with a gymnastic exercise promoted by the government. They moved their hands and feet together to the beat and made all kinds of warm-up movements, which made people feel that they were as lively as the old tigers, and I was like entering a forest full of old tigers. Sports can

Only want to stay in the air-conditioned condition during hot weather?
Beware of get air conditioning disease?

Parenting Tips Written by : Yeung Ming Ha, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners This summer is really “hot and heavy”! In the face of the alarmingly high temperatures, families always want to stay in air-conditioned rooms. In addition to the increase in cases of heat stroke, many patients have “cold” symptoms, suffering from air-conditioning disease. Because the hotter the weather, the more likely to covet air conditioning, when out of the air-conditioned room, equivalent to a seasonal temperature difference, in this “hot and cold” situation, it is prone to catch a cold. The most suitable temperature for the human body is 24.5 degrees to 25.5 degrees, but many office central air conditioning is often set at between 15 ℃ and 20 ℃. When working staff have to

Wear sandals to chase away the summer heat.
How to choose the right sandals for children?

Parenting Tips Written by: Registered Physiotherapist, Fong Wai Kwan In summer, many people wear sandals because they can keep their feet cool and keep the sweltering heat away. Although sandals have become a popular summer gift for mothers and children, parents should be aware of what they need to consider when choosing sandals. Just remember the following tips for choosing sandals, and you’ll be able to wear them comfortably and healthily! Full joint sandals Evenly distribute the pressure under the foot Since the feet of young children are still in the development stage, special care is needed when choosing sandals. For children under 4 years old, their heels are not yet developed, so it is recommended to wear sandals suitable for toddlers with a special mid-calf

Wear face mask for long time during Epidemic.
How to make children learn to “look at people’s eyebrows and eyes”?

Parenting Tips Written by: Hong Kong Speech and Swallowing Therapy Centre          Senior Speech Therapist Eunice Siu In our daily interactions with others, we not only observe others’ behaviors, but also “explain” and “predict” others’ behaviors. Theory of mind is the ability to infer or substitute other people’s mental states, such as their thoughts, beliefs, desires, and intentions, etc., and to use this ability to explain other people’s thoughts, perceptions, and predict their behaviors. Theory of mind can be subdivided into “emotion recognition”, “beliefs” and “pretend play”. The developmental period for children’s theory of mind is from approximately 3 to 7 years of age. However, before the age of 3, children need to master the following skills to effectively develop theory of mind skills. 1.

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