Curriculum & Teaching

Comprehensive and Balanced Meticulous Designed Curriculum

We value children’s whole-person development and strive to foster children’s learning motivation, communication ability, sense of commitment as well as the creativity, and hence to develop their rock of lifelong learning.

Biliteracy and Trilingualism

We make great effort to arouse children’s interest towards Biliteracy and Trilingualism. Apart from using mother tongue as the medium of instruction, we also have English native teachers and Putonghua teachers to teach children’s English and Putonghua respectively. With the diversified learning activities and various teaching approaches, we build a strong language foundation for children at an early age.

Picture Book Scheme

We adopt Picture Book Scheme to enhance children’s language proficiency, creative mindset and also the Nine Generic Skills including collaboration skills, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking skills, computation skills, calculation skills, problem-solving skills, self-management skills and study skills.

Integrated Creative Arts Curriculum

For the sake of exerting children’s creative potentiality, we make use of a comprehensive integrated creative arts approach and put artistic elements such as music, visual arts and dance into the Picture Book Scheme.

Japanese Building Blocks Curriculum

We provide innovative Japanese Building Block curriculum which allows our children to explore the principle of gears and utilize the materials to build various object, and hence to enhance children’s development of mathematical reasoning and creativity. The Japanese Building Block is more challenging than ordinary building blocks as it can be built in various combinations. Children’s fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination can also be trained and improved during the process.

The Robot Curriculum

We introduce different models of intelligent robot which allow children to learn within educational technology games. It enhances their interest in learning and attracts them to absorb knowledge in different aspects.

Drama in Education

Drama elements are intergrated into our school curriculum to enrich the courses and increase children’s motivation to learn, with the aim of creating a seld-directed and joyful learning environment.

Environmental Protection Education

We are committed to promoting environmental education and fostering children’s sense of caring the society. With a view to encouraging green life, different greening school projects and various green education programmes are held regularly, thereby increasing the environmental awareness of children at an early age.

Services Learning

To cultivate children’s decent values, learning attitude, spirit of caring, as well as to provide an enjoyable group living atmosphere, we adopt service-learning approach that combines learning objectives with community service or visit, children’s interest and daily routine in order to provide them with an authentic learning experience.

Potentiality Coaching

Diversified extra-curricular activities are offered to provide a wide range of learning opportunities for children, with a view to excerpting their potentiality, building self-confidence and cultivating the spirit of cooperation, thereby establishing the healthy and positive life values under the “One Sports/Arts in Life” scheme.

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