We are now recruiting new K1, K2 and K3 students (Half-day and whole-day class)in the coming academic year

Admission guidelines

Please submit the duly filled application form and the documents listed below by handing in or mail post.
*Please sign and stick a recent photo on the application form.
*Bring one extra photo for the new student interview card.
*Birth Record (Both the original one and the copy one)
*Enclose 4 stamped, self-addressed return envelopes with the applicant’s name
*For those who do not have Hong Kong birth certificate of registration, please provide valid admission documents

Admission requirements:

Children who were born before 31 st December, 2019 will be admitted to K1 class.

The interview date is on 6 th November, 2021 (Saturday). Applicants will be informed individually and children will be arranged to different groups.

Successful applicants will be noticed and confirmation letters for admission will be sent before 17 th December, 2021

The registration Date: 6 th– 8 th January, 2022

The opening ceremony : 1 st September, 2022

Class Timetable

Every Monday to Friday

The morning class: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The afternoon class: 1:15 p.m. – 4:15p.m.

The whole-day class: 9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

Our school respect different cultures and cherish the diversity. We offer sufficient supports to non-Chinese speaking students in order to help them enjoy a happy and fruitful school life.

Admission support

Our school provides Chinese and English versions of  admission application form.The interview can be conducted in English. Also, NCS parents are welcome to be accompanied by relatives or friends who understand Chinese or English.

Teaching support

We use different strategies to ignite student’s interest in learning Chinese Language.

School environment

Classrooms are decorated with Chinese elements. Through teaching material, educational games and books, NCS students are motivated to learn Chinese Language.

Diversified activities

Diversified activities such as reading story books, drama and free-play to enhance NCS student’s communication and interactive skill. We hope to foster their learning interests by providing a joyful Chinese Language environment.

Making Friendly Friend

Native Chinese-speaking students are encouraged to establish friendship with NCS students so as to help them to gain the an understanding of classroom activities, and promote their Chinese language development.

Other support

Hotline for support service to NCS students and parents:3540 7447

If you want to know more about our school’s supporting policy for NCS students, please contact the Senior Teacher, Miss Chan, by telephone (26060533) or email ([email protected]).

「Profile of Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres」 Please click here.

For details on fees, please refer to “Profile of Kindergartens

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